We Provide Solutions for Your Everyday Needs.

  • How can we reduce deadhead? (CARRIERS)
    • Obtaining a solid portfolio of Customers, who have everyday freight……which will bring on new opportunities? These opportunities will, create lane density, allowing your equipment to be in the right place all the time.
  • How can we increase our rate per mile and or revenue per truck? (CARRIERS)
    • Through increasing loaded miles, and decreasing empty miles. Making sure you have the right customer, and that customer is sending your equipment to the right destination at the right price.
  • How do we improve our customer base? (CARRIERS)
    • Partnering with Mid Atlantic Freight Group, you need to have a steady flow of new Customers/Opportunities, so that you can improve your results. Being introduces to new customers that fit you currents needs and future.
  • How can I increase percentages for both pick up and deliveries? (CARRIES AND SHIPPERS)
    • (FOR CARRIERS) Customers that have opportunities for drop n hook at both shipping location and delivery destinations, your drivers will be able to get in and out faster, allowing them more time behind the wheel.
    • (FOR CUSTOMERS/SHIPPERS) Make sure you have the opportunity to select from a vast amount of reliable carriers, who have the ability to drop equipment, work weekends, and have drop trailer programs with your customers.
  • Are we handling the correct freight?(FOR CARRIERS)
    • You have to make sure you are working with driver friendly accounts, no touch freight. To help with driver retention. Make sure your customers are sending you to the destinations you need to service.
  • Am I using the carrier that best matches my needs?(FOR SHIPPERS)
    • MAFG has a diverse selection of carriers who can service your logistic needs. When capacity becomes an issue, MAFG has plenty of carriers to handle your transportation needs.


Shipments of goods, whose volume will fill up an entire 53 ft trailer


Can be truckload or Less than truckload of shipments, between 0-300 miles from origin

Coast to Coast

Shipments of goods that originate and delivered between East/West,    West/East, usually 2500 miles or longer


Shipments that move via the rail system in intermodal containers, cost saving alternative when shipping truckload

Less Than Truckload

Shipments of smaller quantities, could be one pallet of goods  to a few pallets of goods, opposite of truckload

Dry Van

Goods shipped that do not require any heat or refrigeration during transit

Temperature Controlled

Goods that require either heat or refrigeration during transit, can be frozen, chilled, prevent from freezing, etc