The amount of success that can be achieved from new business is endless. Whatever your needs are; from acquiring new business, creating marketing plans, reducing empty miles, making your Customer Service group stronger, or the need to become the best, Mid Atlantic Freight Group is that partner to make you the next great company.

Carriers…. Why Partner with Mid Atlantic Freight Group?

  • Mid Atlantic Freight Group can offer you access to our database of Shippers/Customers……
  • Allows you to partner with some of the largest customers in the industry
  • Create long term relationships with these customers
  • Become more profitable, reduce empty miles and replacing them with loaded miles, resulting in a higher rate per mile
  • Increase revenue per truck per day
  • Create lane density
  • Move away from truck brokers and sporadic freight
  • More drop and hook opportunities, helping your drivers in time management
  • Thirty years of sales experience in the industry
  • Outsource your freight sales
  • Consistent flow of freight opportunities for you to choose from
  • Long-haul, regional, dedicated, dry and temp controlled freight opportunities